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The Added Marination into Charmed

Tue, 2017-05-23
Finding a dress that I would like and one that would meet my very specific requirements has always been tough. I’m not a dress person at all. Anyone who knows me, would say this is so. I’m a jeans and tank top kind of gal who owns one too many jackets. I'm surely not one who would take time to doll up my face with makeup, i'd much rather pull my hair back in a ponytail and take on the world with my Timberland boots, fresh faced.
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So when I join my sister at Charmed On 9th Ave, I was initially hesitant that I might not be the right fit. A girl who doesn't wear dresses working in a company thatd designs and makes dresses? What a misfit! 
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So with my sister's very persuasive encouragement, she managed to convince me to try my hand at designing dresses. Ironically, I’ve always had a love for feminine pieces with mermaid tail skirts. I find it's the perfect cut to show off some legs, giving an illusion of longer limbs, making one appear to look taller. In my opinion, dresses like these gives a good dose of confidence that helps me get through the day poised and determined. This is how our Hale Series was borne. Now this piece is one you'll see me wear more often than none. You could say its my Wonder Woman outfit! :) 
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Our mum also tried her hand in designing with the next piece. Aren't Mothers just so amazing? They are professionals, career women, SAHMs, businesswomen; they look after their kids, support their husband, run a household and some still find the energy to cook! And thats how De Chef came about. We wanted to make things for mums just a teeny bit easier amidst their never ending to-do-list. We drew inspiration from the Chef's uniform and made it into something sharp and swanky for breastfeeding mamas, because mamas, you girls are ultimately the best chef in the house to your babies! 

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Even though a dress wouldnt be the first outfit i'd grab from my closet, i have a new profound enthusiasm in designing them which allows me to tap into the creativity and artistic side of me. I'm a graphic designer by the way, so allowing my brain juices to flow in any form related to designing is right up my alley! :) 
Oh, and it doesn't hurt that my future mother-in-law likes me in dresses. Brownie Points Score!