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Our New Home

Mon, 2017-08-21

For the past month we’ve been packed to our necks, moving our office to a more excessible location with a bigger and brighter space. Packing is always not fun. Imagine packing and clearing out your wardrobe except multiple it by a million! Ok so maybe not a million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand!

Ok, so it's not all that bad.

My 8 months old niece is our youngest member of Charmed on 9th Ave, she joins us at the office whenever Charmaine is around, and she’s part of the main reason why we needed to look for an office without carpeted floor (because you know, dust, dirt and all that jam). Like all unintentional trouble-making babies, this little one loves to crawl over to shelves and pull out our tagging, mixing up the sizes of dresses. YES we are blaming on the little one if we sent you the wrong piece! (We're sorry about that btw)

Our new home is just about coming together pretty nicely and we are falling in love with it. Take a look at our spanking new signage! If you had visited us before in our old office, you'll know what a headache it was to locate us.

Fret not! This time, you won’t miss us! 

We're totally loving our new workspace and bubblegum chairs! We love that we have enough space to play hide and seek with the little one. We love that we have a dedicated room for our photoshoots and we definitely love the clean walls that's soon gonna be covered with our inspiring fashion pieces, artwork and whatnot.

Yes we sooooo did an IG picture posed of our workspace. The neatness lasted for like 2 seconds and then, it looked like a tornado swirl passed! Wanna take a peak at how it usually looks? How messy we actually are! Then again, creative minds are usually the most organized mess! 

So we're thinking of doing a little showroom for a period of time in our new office, what do you think?
If you'll like this idea, drop us an email to let us know and we'll work on a little something something.

Watch this space as we have more exciting news coming up soon!


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